18 Dec 2019

Holiday Reading List

December 18, 2019

Over the holidays many of us will spend some time curled up with our devices in a food coma, or using our devices to avoid an awkward conversation (introverts, I’m looking at you).  I wanted to close the year with a post offering some useful holiday reading.

Below are links to articles and sites I’ve found interesting throughout the year.  You might want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it when you’re growing weary of social media, or when that distant eggnog-laden family member wants to talk politics.

The Decade of the “Young Old” Begins

This article on Boomers appeared in a year end supplement from The Economist.  It’s a great read for any generation because Baby Boomers will change what retirement looks like.  Boomers are the largest generation to reach retirement, and are entering retirement healthier and wealthier than any prior generation.  They have a lot of options, and most won’t choose to “couch surf” or “get their rest.”

Protecting Our Digital Selves

Not wanting to put you to sleep, I resisted writing a data security blog, but wanted to offer something useful that can be quickly digested.  This was posted by a firm that caters to companies (this is not an endorsement, and I don’t do business with them); however, the article can be useful for everyone, and is something you can come back to.

The biggest thing I’ve been sharing with clients, friends, and family this year is: don’t use public wi-fi unless you absolutely have to.  If you end up on public wi-fi try not to login to anything sensitive like a bank account.  Most of us have data plans with our wireless carrier, and these are secure.  If you’re going to be on public wi-fi a lot, please purchase VPN software, and use it all of the time.  VPNs aren’t perfect, but it’s inexpensive insurance and much better than nothing.

The Stanford Center on Longevity

As you’re probably guessing, this site is from Stanford University, and I found it while doing some research early in the year.  It offers a lot of great articles and ideas.  This site is worth bookmarking, and checking from time to time.

Most of the content is in plain English, and runs the gamut from mental to physical to financial health.  Hope you check this one out!

A Random Walk

It’s no secret that a low cost, index-based approach to investing is far more successful than active management in the long run.  Research has backed this notion up time and again over the decades.  Active managers charge significantly higher fees, and while some may have a hot streak every once in a while, in the long run, after fees, an index, asset allocation-based approach wins the race.

This article by Bob Pisani gets to this very point.

When to Take Social Security: The Complete Guide

Everyone’s situation with Social Security is unique, so “the complete guide” might be a stretch, but this page does have helpful information, and answers a lot of basic questions.  The “go to” answer on Social Security is becoming: wait until 70, but that’s not always possible or necessary.

Please ignore the gratuitous ads from other financial firms on this page, and simply contact Buoyant Financial for all of your planning and investment needs. Sorry, couldn’t resist a shameless plug, and we always bring Social Security strategy into our planning process.

Money Isn’t Everything

That may sound strange coming from a financial firm, but your health, happiness, and wellbeing are far more important than money and investments!  The benefits of simple meditation recognized by medical professionals are too many to list here; however, this site from the Mayo Clinic offers a nice introduction on the why’s and how’s.

Start slowly over short periods of time.  Don’t worry about “being good at it,” there are no contests, judges, or prizes involved.

Wrapping Up

I hope you find something on this reading list helpful, and that you do come back to it.  Always here to help with your financial questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you, your family, and friends a wonderful holiday season, and happy New Year!



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