03 Jul 2018

Who We Are-It’s Personal

July 3, 2018

With us, it’s personal.

The relationship between a client and advisor is a personal connection. Buoyant Financial establishes the client-advisor relationship with a dialogue to highlight where you are now, what your goals and desires are, and how we will reach those goals.

Personal finance is a very intimate topic, and while aspects of planning and management can be analytical, a purely clinical approach can leave one feeling cold and resistant to sharing important feelings entrenched in our relationship with money. That’s why we nurture our client-advisor relationships with careful mindfulness.

The world is awash in people peddling financial services and news, bluster, and breathlessness. Their prevalence not only feeds fears, uncertainty, and perspectives often rooted in simple stereotypes, but often leads people to approach their financial situation with anxiety and trepidation.

We’re sensitive to these anxieties and believe the only way to ease them is through a trusting, personal relationship. As part of this relationship, we want you to reach out when something in the news has you unsettled, you hear something in a conversation that doesn’t sound right, or you simply want some perspective. Likewise, we will reach out and provide you with expert context to economic news and insight into current market conditions.

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